Mohammed Abed Hossain

Associate Professor| Institute of Water and Flood Management

Bangladesh University Of Engineering and Technology

abed@iwfm.buet.ac.bd; abed.hossain@gmail.com

+880-2-9665650-80 (Ext. 6080), +8801814806064

Profile Last Updated: 07/04/2018


  • Ph. D., Environmental Engineering

    The University of Tokyo, Japan, 2007

  • M. Sc. Engg., Environmental Engineering

    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2004

  • B. Sc. Engg., Civil Engineering

    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2000


  • Fate of trace metals and persistent organics in soil and water systems
  • Impact of climate change on environment and ecology
  • Adaptation to reduce vulnerability from climate change
  • Impact of interventions on environmental quality and ecology
  • Flow and sedimentation processes in coastal environment
  • Urban stormwater pollution dynamics and BMPs


  • Associate Professor


    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology


  • Assistant Professor


    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology


  • Lecturer


    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology



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  • Competitive Adsorption of Heavy Metals in Soil Underlying an Infiltration Facility Installed in Urban Area

    Water Science and Technology, 59(2), p. 303-310.

    Hossain, M. A., Furumai, H. and Nakajima, F.

    Timeline: 2009

  • Vertical distribution and speciation of heavy metals in stormwater infiltration facilities: possible heavy metals release to groundwater

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