One of the missions of the Institute is to provide expert advisory services to government and non-government organizations. Through consultancy and advisory services, the Institute has used its experience and expertise in seeking solutions to real life problems. This has allowed the organizations working in relevant fields to use the expertise available at the Institute. The faculty members of the Institute have been involved in over 100 consultancy and advisory services.


Projects Done





  • Advisory Service to Preparation of Structure Plan, Urban Area Plan and Action Area Plan of Mymensingh town Client:Urban Development Directorate

    Client: GoB

    Project Duration: Ongoing

  • Survey and Investigation of Water Resources Management by Mathematical Modeling of Panchagaor, Thakurgaon, Dinajpur & Joypurhat Integrated Agriculture Development Project Areas

    Client: IWM

    Project Duration: Ongoing

  • Hydrological & Morphological Study and IEE of different Bridges in Some Selected Districts under Hydrologiacl and Morphological Study, Economic Analysis, EIA, including Topographical Survey & Design

    Client: LGED

    Project Duration: Ongoing

  • Vulnerability analysis of coastal livelihood groups in the coastal zone of Bangladesh. 2003-04.

    Client: CEGIS

    Project Duration: 2003-04.

  • Impact of Climate Change on Streamflow Vulnerability on Urban Runoff.

    Client: IUCN,

    Project Duration: 2004.

  • An Investigation on Flood Flow Vulnerability and Environmental Impacts of Mayakanon Project,

    Client: Eastern Housing Ltd., Dhaka

    Project Duration: 2003

  • Design of the Modules in the Computational Frameworks for WARPO.

    Client: Environmental and Geographical Information Services (CEGIS),

    Project Duration: 2003.

  • Feasibility Study of a Comprehensive Study for Drainage and Flood Management in the Manu-Kushiyara-Khowai-Dhalai Systems, Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), Dhaka,

    Client: Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)

    Project Duration: 2003.

  • Monitoring and integration of Khulna-Jessore Drainage Rehabilitation Project, Center for Environmental and Geographical Information Services (CEGIS),

    Client: CEGIS

    Project Duration: 2002

  • Project formulation study for the establishment of Hi-Tech Park at Kaliakoir, Ministry of Science and Technology, Dhaka,

    Client: Ministry of Science and Technology, Dhaka,

    Project Duration: 2002

  • Development of the Knowledge portal on the estuary development, Center for Environmental and Geographical Information Services (CEGIS), Dhaka,

    Client: Center for Environmental and Geographical Information Services (CEGIS)

    Project Duration: 2002

  • Command Area Development of Teesta Barrage Project, Surface Water Modelling Centre (SWMC),

    Client: Surface Water Modelling Centre (SWMC)

    Project Duration: 2001-3

  • Investigation on the Failure of Karchar Haor, Sunamganj,

    Client: Ministry of Water Resources, Government of Bangladesh,

    Project Duration: 2002