DECCMA:Deltas,Vulnerability and Climate Change:Migration and Adaptation

Researche Funding: IDRC-DFID (CARIAA)

Collaboration: Lead: Univ. of Southampton, UK; Bangladesh Lead: IWFM, BUET; Partners from UK, Bangladesh, Ghana and India

This 4.75-year project is funded under the CARIAA program of IDRC- Canada and DFID- UK, with IWFM as Lead Bangladeshi Partner collaborating with partners from UK, Ghana and India. The project aims to examine how people are adapting to the physical effects of climate change, such as sea level rise, alongside socio-economic pressures, in three deltas in South Asia (GBM and Mahanadi deltas) and Africa (Volta delta). It aims to develop methods to predict how these three deltas may evolve over the next 50 to 100 years and provide Governments with the knowledge and tools to ensure future policy can maximize planning services and programs to the benefit of the region’s population. There is a particular focus on the potential benefits of planned migration versus other adaptation choices