• Field test of electrokinetically-delivered thermally activated persulfate for remediation of chlorinated solvents in clay

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    Area: Electrokinetics

    Timeline: 2020

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    Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020

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    Timeline: 2020

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    Area: DRR planning and gender mainstreaming

    Timeline: 2020

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    Area: Soil-water interaction

    Timeline: 2020

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    Area: Sulfidation

    Timeline: 2020

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    Area: Riverbank Protection

    Timeline: 2020

  • Using Natural Experiments and Counterfactuals for Causal Assessment: River Salinity and the Ganges Water Agreement

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    Area: Water Reseources Research

    Timeline: 2020

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    Area: Flood Protection

    Timeline: 2020

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    Timeline: 2019

  • Improving Practice of Flood Shelter Implementation in Alluvial River Floodplain With Hydro-Morphological Analysis

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    Timeline: 2019