Promoting Resilience of Vulnerable Through Access to Infrastructure, Improved Skills and Information (PROVATi³)

Researche Funding: International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD) (Local Government Engineering Department, LGED)

Faculty Researcher: Prof Dr A.K.M. Saiful Islam, Prof Dr G M Tarekul Islam, Prof Dr Sujit Kumar Bala, Ms Binata Roy

Collaboration: Lead: Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM), BUET

Duration: September, 2019 - June, 2021

The concept of the PROVATi3 Project (Promoting Resilience of Vulnerable through Access to Infrastructure, Improved Skills and Information) had been endorsed by the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) in December 2016 and by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in February 2017. The project concept and design build on several innovative features in the area of climate-proofing infrastructure, economic empowerment of ultra-poor people working on construction and maintenance through continued guidance towards income generation activities (IGA), improved maintenance of structures for long-term sustainability, vocational skills-training (VST) for on- and off-farm employment, local flood information and dissemination at village level, project management and monitoring, and knowledge management for wider mainstreaming of good practices. Improved resilience of the population in a flood vulnerable and extremely poor area is the central theme of the project. Under this project, IWFM-BUET will carry out a research study to build climate resilient markets and village/union roads. This research component has three activities: i) assessment of the impact of climate change on the Teesta-Brahmaputra river system; ii) assessment of erosion and accretion of land/char due to meandering of rivers; and iii) determination of flood risk zones by applying satellite information, past flood history, potential impact of climate change on river flows of each project Upazila. The results should indicate the necessary modifications in design on roads, culvert/bridge, markets, ghats, slope protection etc. and might lead to up-dates in design standards at LGED.