ESPA Deltas: Assessing Health, Livelihoods, Ecosystem Services And Poverty Alleviation in Populous Deltas

Research Funding: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), The United Kingdom (UK); Department for International Development (DFID); Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK

Collaboration: Lead: University of Southampton, The United Kingdom (UK); Bangladesh Lead: Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM), BUET

This 4-year consortium research project was funded by NERC, ESRC and DFID of UK. The ESPA deltas project involved 7 partners from UK, 10 partners from Bangladesh and 2 partners from India, with IWFM, University of Southampton and Jadavpur University leading the Bangladesh, UK and Indian components, respectively. The project focused on assessing dynamic physical-ecosystem-human interactions at multiple scales in deltaic environments. It delineated the relationships between ecosystem services and human well-being in baseline as well as in a number of climatic and socio-economic scenarios through extensive socio-economic and biophysical modeling of the coastal system. A major outcome of the project has been an integrated model framework that couples the physical and socio-economic processes and help analyze a wide range of policy interventions